VIDEO: Nostalgia 77 – Sleepwalker

Check out this video for the new Nostalgia 77 single, Sleepwalker, featuring Josa Peit. The video is a sultry black and white affair, focussing mainly on talented Miss Josa Peit as she moves from the confines of a house to the streets.

Sleepwalker is the third single to be lifted from the upcoming new Nostalgia 77 album, The Sleepwalking Society, which drops via Tru Thoughts on 21 November. It’s a fine, moody contemporary jazz track, which once again goes to prove how good of a match Nostalgia 77 and Josa Peit are. Nostalgia 77 has consistently impressed over the years and always produces music of the highest quality, so very much looking forward to hearing the full album when it drops.

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