VIDEO: Spooky Black – Without You

Spooky Black is apparently a 15 year old kid from St. Paul, Minnesota in the US. Regardless of what he looks like and what this music video looks like, I really, really like this track, Without You.

It’s a strange situation; this has gone practically viral – but on some sort of Susan Boyle type tip. He looks odd in his 90s get-up of roll-necks, chinos and do-rags, but has the voice of an angel. Now, I’m glad Susan Boyle never wore a do-rag, but the comparison is legit. “OMG, he looks like a dick but sounds so good!”

Comparisons have come in, dropping names like The Weeknd and even James Blake, but there’s a worrying rhetoric coming from the music press and music fans alike; people are apologising for liking this. I wont apologise. What’s there to apologise for? This kid sounds incredible and this song is amazing. Some people have also pulled into question whether his whole ‘thing’ is massively ironic, or even racist, which I think is a step too far and somewhat far fetched!

His full mixtape/album has been pulled from his own Bandcamp (has he suddenly been signed?!), but you can find the full thing on YouTube, plus he also has a SoundCloud page.