Wax Poetics – Issue 31

The October/November issue of the only music publication worth buying, Wax Poetics, is now on sale. Wax Poetics Issue 31 has blues/soul legend Shuggie Otis on one side of the cover and mysterious masked emcee MF DOOM on the other.

The Shuggies Otis article looks into his rise to stardom followed by his descent from the spotlight. In his own words “I was into experimenting, leaving mistakes in because they sounded good, all that kind of stuff. I was into experimenting with sound. They don’t allow that on records now.” A multi-instrumentalist, Shuggie learnt to play guitar, piano, organ, bass and drums – but WaxPo gives us the opportunity to delve deeper into the life of someone that has remained slightly left of the limelight for a lot of his career.

mp3: Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information

WaxPo also takes a moment or two to take a peak behind the mask of MF DOOM. A cult figure amongst the modern hip-hop fraternity, a few mouse clicks and you’ll know Daniel Dumile is an emcee that was born in Britain before moving to America, was part of the hip-hop group KMD and isn’t seen anywhere public without the famed mask. Alas it’s not too often, apart from within his cyphers, that we get to hear more straight from the horses mouth – so def worth checking.

mp3: MF DOOM – Vomit

Also included in Issue 31 are articles on; Disco demon Patrick Adams, Daptone funk crew The Menahan Street Band, dope DJ J.Rocc and also an interview with soulful producer/emcee Count Bass D. Not to mention a whole load of other superb content. It was no exaggeration when I stated that Wax Poetics is THE only music publication worth buying – everything else pales in comparison. So do yourself a huge favour and grab this whilst you can, cos it’s well known for disappearing off the shelves with extreme velocity!

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    i love shuggie

  • http://theappletreecafe.blogspot.com appletreecafe

    i love shuggie